How pool remodeling companies can save on energy costs

In terms of Fort Lauderdale pool remodeling, you would find tons of companies at your disposal. In addition to being a wide variety to choose from, you would also find that each companies tend to provide an impressive portfolio from the previous one. All in all, the final decision becomes quite difficult to make at the end of the day.

So, even though you have the intention of spending a large amount of money on remodeling your swimming pool, you do not want to deal with the additional energy bills that comes along with it. Even though you seem to understand that having a pool as well as getting it remodeled is a luxury which you very well can afford, that does not in any way mean that you would be okay with the increased energy bills. In other words, you would like to keep it to a bare minimum as much as possible.

The best thing about going for energy efficient options by Fort Lauderdale pool remodeling extends more than saving up on your monthly electricity bills. It can also help make the pool experience more enjoyable since you might now be able to provide tons of more facilities. In addition, this is something which would even help in increasing the value of your property. So whenever the time comes to get it on the market, you would not need to worry about making any changes to your swimming pool.

Therefore, even though you would be making your own effort towards keeping the energy costs at bay, you would also like to know how Fort Lauderdale pool remodeling would be able to help you out with that. To answer your question, read on below.

  • One of the first things that could be done by a pool remodeling company is to get your inefficient pool heater replaced by a more efficient one. Even though you might think that it would be working just fine, the exact opposite is actually happening. This is because more energy would probably be used up to provide the same amount of heated temperature, thus contributing to increased costs.
  • Other than going for the traditional option of getting a pool heater, you would now be able to consider from some amazing alternatives. These include going for gas and solar heaters, along with a heat pump. So based on the size of the swimming pool, the optimum size would be fitted in. In this way, you would not need to worry about an excess amount of electricity or energy being used up.
  • Depending on where you live, Fort Lauderdale pool remodeling would be able to help you determine the appropriate or optimal temperature in which you should be keeping your pool. This is because every degree change in temperature would contribute somewhere between 10 to 30 per cent in energy expenses.
  • You could also think about covering your pool up when it is not in use. Not only would it help in saving energy costs, but less amount of water would also be lost as a result of evaporation.



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